Lowell Clary, President


Raised and worked in a small town family-owned funeral home business in Florida that required interacting professionally with people at a very difficult time in their life. Developed strong customer service skills, a strong work ethic, and the ability to work in high-pressure situations early in life.

Most recent Assistant Secretary for Finance and Administration at Florida DOT, senior advisor to the Florida Secretary of Transportation at age 29 and Deputy Secretary of the Florida Health and Human Services agency at age 33. Served as Assistant Secretary for Finance and Administration, Chief Financial Planner, Inspector General and Deputy Comptroller for the Florida Department of Transportation.

Appointed to Chair the Transportation Research Board's
 Committee on Taxation and Finance. The Committee covers financial planning and financing necessary to meet transportation needs of all modes, including sources of revenue, allocation of costs among users and nonusers, pricing policies, needs studies, economic and social effects of taxes and subsidy programs, intergovernmental financial arrangements and responsibilities for transportation, and accounting and fiscal management of transportation funds.

Proven track record of success in middle and senior management providing leadership for a wide range of areas including finance, administration, procurement, emergency recovery efforts including extensive work with FEMA and Federal Highway Administration Emergency Relief programs, large scale information technology projects, auditing, project development, federal relations, state legislative process, and press relations. Specialized in transportation programs and recognized as an expert and innovator in transportation finance and public-private partnerships.

Possess strong leadership skills that command the respect and trust of others. Adaptable, quick learner and demonstrated ability to lead change. Willing to take risk, innovate and consider outside the box options to deliver the best results. Recognized nationally as a leader and innovator in each post held over the past 20 years.

Consistent outstanding ratings from well-respected former Florida agency heads including Ben Watts, Jim Towey, Tom Barry, Jose Abreu and Denver Stutler.

Areas of Expertise

  • Public-Private Partnerships

  • Funding for all transportation Modes, including revenue options and ways to increase funding

  • Tolling -- Traditional and Managed Lanes

  • Development and Negotiation of Complex Projects

  • Innovative Finance Solutions that Maximize Transportation Projects From Available Resources

  • Federal, State and Local Programs and Relations

  • State Infrastructure Bank

  • TIFIA and Private Activity Bonds

  • Bonding -- all types